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I create strategy and content to support learning and adaption for global audiences. My MA in professional and technical writing and 10 years’ experience meeting communications and training needs for local and global companies equips me to develop effective teams and programs. Please connect via LinkedIn or email to learn more.

Style Guide 101 Series

4 Ways a Style Guide Makes Your Life Easier

What is a style guide? A style guide is a document that outlines your company’s standard for language and formatting choices for printed and electronic communications. Language is wonderfully flexible and subjective, but in professional communications, variety can create confusion for your customer and slow down the writing process for employees. A style guide helps…

6 Steps to Creating a Style Guide for Immediate Use

A style guide displays your commitment to customer support and creates a more efficient process for your employees. Check out my last article, 4 ways a company style guide makes your life easier. This article outlines topics to consider for your company style guide and how to deliver it to employees. I provide specific action steps, links,…

Copy and Paste Text for Your New Style Guide

If you’re wondering what a style guide is or how to implement one in your company, I recommend you browse my last two articles: • 4 ways a company style guide makes your life easier• 6 steps to creating a style guide for immediate use Once you’re convinced of the immense value a style guide will…

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