Everyday things about me:
Live in Denver and love to explore locally or abroad
Obsessed with my aussie-doodle pup called Albert
Developing an affinity for plants in my home
Hiking and weightlifting are my sports of choice

@conversation_sparks is my hobby Insta

I develop communications strategy and the supporting deliverables to educate and empower your audience to take action.

Currently, I lead cybersecurity awareness strategy at Johnson Controls, driving plans for effective content for over 100k employees globally. This includes change communications, risk notifications, best practice overviews, instructional guides, governance and compliance-related training, and more.

I have matured communications and training programs in non-profit and corporate spaces, for local and global companies, developing internal and external-facing content on a variety of topics: volunteerism, fundraising, corporate finance, HR topics, HVAC products, and cybersecurity (to name a few).

Subject matter can be learned, while my intuition and experience in effective communications creates a strong foundation for predictable progress from day one. I have an M.A. in professional and technical writing and am happiest when I see my work resulting in efficiency for the company and clarity for the audience.

My hallmarks
► Strategic and holistic planning for continual program growth
► Keeping an eye on the details often overlooked
► Accessible, conversational communications for easy reading
► Clear technical instruction for actionable outcomes
► Improving efficiency by establishing processes & systems
► Operating with drive and accountability
► Building collaborative relationships with coworkers

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